Worry Kills Creativity

How can you be creative when your mind is filled with anxieties? Perhaps you have bills to pay, need a job, there are family issues, your car just broke down, your family is living paycheck to paycheck, you can’t even afford new paint brushes. The list goes on and the creativity diminishes. Creativity is one of the last things on your mind yet many times it is what brings you the most peace.

To say, just give your worries to God and trust him, seems so cliched and unrealistic yet isn’t that what God is saying in the quote above? To do so doesn’t mean not to deal with the reality of the situation. If your car breaks down God is not going to just grab a wrench and fix it, but he will provide a solution.

God looks at worries as opportunities for you to reconnect with him. When we get so busy, it’s our worries that bring us back to communicating with him. Sometimes he brings a quick answer but most of the time he sees your desperate situation and is ready to walk through it with you side by side. As you do, he says, “Trust me, keep looking at me, you will get through this, it won’t be easy but I am with you.” The more opportunities we have to trust him, the easier it is to trust him.

In the midst of stress and worry, talk with God, tell him your anxieties, and find moments to create even if you don’t feel like it. You need these times of quiet inspiration. They will help you to get your eyes of your situation and allow his inspiration to fill you.

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