Believe The Truth

I have met many creatives that struggle with the truth of whom they are as a creative person. They have believed the lies spoken to them by others and from their inner critic. The only way to overcome those lies is to start speaking the truth of who you are as a creative.

· I am a creative person, created by the Master Creator, given talents and inspiration to create.

· The Master Creator takes pleasure when I create things that bless others.

· My creativity gives me delight and he is pleased with me.

· My creativity comes from my heart and soul and is to be shared with others.

· It doesn’t matter if people do not appreciate my art.

· I enjoy being creative

My 2-year old granddaughter came to visit and brought over a piece of paper with scribbles on it. My son told me that when she heard she was going to Papa’s house she immediately wanted to draw me a picture. That picture, covered with scribbles, was a treasure to me. This is how the Master Creator looks at our artwork when we make something to bless others.

Your art has value. Don’t believe the lies that will try to keep you from knowing the truth.

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