“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse

What you produce comes from the heart. Each time you create a work of art, whether it be a painting, drawing or craft item, you lay your heart out before your friends and family. Unfortunately, many have their heart trampled from unwarranted comments and criticisms that cut deep into the artists soul.

I can recall in my days back in college when we would have a critique where all of the art students would display their work on a wall and he professor along with the rest of the students would critique each other’s artwork. This was to help give guidance to the students on what worked and didn’t work on their painting. I recall one of these sessions where a fellow student, a young lady whose painting was incredibly good, had her artwork torn apart by her fellow students like a pack of wolves. Instead of complimenting her on her art, they looked for everything they considered wrong with her painting leaving her in tears.

Afterwards, a group of us encouraged her and spoke truths about her work to lift her up. She had a choice after that horrible experience – would she continue to follow her heart’s desire to paint and risk more criticism or would she lay her paintbrushes down. She continued to paint despite her brokenness.

Being a creative does take courage. Your work may be unfairly criticized by other and, at times, by ourselves. Remember that creativity is a journey – one step at a time, one lesson at a time, one painting at a time and not every work of art is going to be a master piece but more of a lesson in learning and getting better.

If your work has been unfairly criticized then respond by stating the truth, I am on a journey and each good piece and each bad piece is helping me to get better at my craft.

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