The Fear of Being Creative

Many people are afraid to paint or draw a picture because of possible ridicule from friends and family or, most likely, from themselves. Even many experienced artists have faced these same fears.

When we create, we are making an extension of ourselves for the world to see. We become vulnerable to criticism. Our heart and soul are on display. Our art tells a story of who we are and our natural instinct is to draw back and protect ourselves from the flaming arrows from those who might criticize us.

This fear is robing us of the true benefits of exploring our creative side. Thomas Merton said, “Music and art and poetry attune the soul to God.” By choosing to give into our fear we are missing out on the creatives journey that helps us rather than hurts us. Yes, there are risks to being creative, but the benefits of self-exploration through art far outweigh the possible hurts we may encounter.

Pick up your shield of truth and block the flaming arrows of lies that cause doubt, fear, and pain. The shield of truth says I am on an artist’s journey and with each creation I am learning and becoming better at my skill. I am learning more about myself. And God, the Master Creator, is pleased with my desire to be creative and revealing himself to me.

Don’t let fear rob you this day. Go out and be creative.

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