I Can't draw

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

This is one of the biggest roadblocks to being creative, "I can't."

I have had numerous people tell me "I can't draw or I can't paint." Some even go on to say I wasn't born with any talent for art. Many of my students who attend one of my painting classes have never picked up a paintbrush. In their minds, they have believed or have been told that they have no artistic talent. Yet, at the end of class, they walk away with a painting suitable for framing.

I teach drawing and painting techniques that help people overcome the mindset they cannot create a piece of art. Step by step, they learn how to apply paint on the canvas, how to mix the paint on their pallet, how to layer the paint, how to clean their brushes, how to paint trees, clouds, rocks, and so much more. By doing so their fear of painting is lifted and are thrilled with the outcome. They realize they can do it, they just needed someone to lead the way.

You have been listening to a lie that says you have no talent or skill. Stop the voices that are lying to you and pick up the paintbrush or pencil and take a class where you can be taught the "how to's." It's time to stop saying "I can't" and take the first step in becoming an artist by listening to the truth that says, "I can!"

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