Awaken Your be the creative person you were created to be

Does this sound like you? 

I have this deep desire to be creative but I dont know where to start.  

I'm stuck in a creative rut. 

I want to learn how to paint and draw but I have no skill.

I'm an artist and I want to take my art to the next level but I don't know how. 

I know there is more to life but I'm not sure what it is.


I was told I have no talents. 

I'm left brained not right brained. 

Every time I try to paint or draw it ends up in the garbage. 

I'm an artist and people just don't understand me. 

Personal transformation through art

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, then this art community is for you. It is designed to help be a support system for you as an artist. To teach you new skills and to be an encouragement along the way.

You see, art is a journey, not a finished canvas to hang on a wall. As you walk this journey of creativity, you will encounter many of life’s challenges, victories, defeats, joys, heartaches and more which is sure to transform you into a more thoughtful individual with more artistic skills, greater perceptions of life, deeper spiritual insight, and a sense of fulfillment with each piece of art.

I am here to encourage you along the way, to help you overcome obstacles and find joy and healing as you discover and develop your giftings.


Art Lessons


Feed Your Soul


 Creative Blocks

Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush, can only draw stick figures, would you like to learn how to paint and explore your creative side – both on and off the canvas?

Or perhaps you are already an artist but want to learn how to take your art to the next level.

These classes are made for you.

Here is where you will find encouragement, guidance, support, and inspiration on how to develop art disciplines in your life that will feed your yearning to create, your desire for solitude, your need to care for yourself, and your desire to know who you truly are in the eyes of God.  

Life’s hindrances, whether big or small, can create creative blocks in our artistic outlets. Sometimes these blocks last a short time but for some, they can last years.

If you have ever waited for that moment of inspiration to just show and it doesn't, then you know artistic disappointment.

Discover how to battle for inspirations and learn how to take the appropriate steps needed to win victories to free your creativity.