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David G Maynard 

I received my Bachelor of Fine Art from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1981 with a concentration in commercial art, painting, and drawing. Over the years my art took a backseat to my full-time occupation as the Executive Director of a Christian youth summer camp and retreat center, located in southwest, Ohio, but my creativity did not. Utilizing my creative talents, I enjoyed creating camp programs that would not only excite children's imaginations, but teach them a skill and challenge them mind, body, soul, and spirit. I also used my creativity in developing unique housing units for the kids that included a teepee village, converted school buses and metro buses into housing units, bungalos. Creative design was implemented when building a camouflaged 40-ft. climbing tower, paintball fields with forts and bunkers, a 500-ft zipline off an 80-ft. cliff. These camp programs were recognized other youth camps as being very unique and creative.

In 2014, I left the youth camp and had more time to return to my passion of drawing and painting. Since then, I have won several purchase awards and juried art shows and have received several painting commissions. I now teach in-house painting classes at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and AC Moore in Dayton, Ohio.

I have now developed a program that teaches those who want to learn how to paint or take their skills to another level while incorporating truths that help free a person from the blocks that stifle creativity.


To help develop your creative artistic expressions by removing the blocks that hinder you from being the creative person you are meant to be through art lessons, creative exercises, and spiritual insight.

We are all creative beings needing to create

I believe we are all creative beings and therefore each of us has a yearning in our soul to create. We have a desire to somehow find fulfillment by connecting our hearts and minds with our hands, voice, and body in artistic expression. For some, such as myself, it is rooted deep in our spirit. For others, it is a temporal experience, a calling to relate to the world around them and express themselves artistically. In either case, this creative desire wells up from within our soul and looks for outlets through the arts but occasionally we hit a blockage that prevents us from allowing ourselves to create. We don’t pick up the pencil or brush and squelch those desires.” It is my mission to help people become more artistic through creative expression by removing the blocks that hinder them from being the creative person they were meant to be.


“I also believe we are spiritual beings and our soul also yearns for truth. This insatiable desire to know that there is much more to this life and to connect with someone or something far greater than ourselves often leads one to a “spiritual pilgrimage. During this journey, many seek to know the true identity of the Master Creator who instilled this desire to know him, who encourages us to express our creativity, and more importantly, who desires that we come to know he truly does love each of us.”


In my lessons, my objective is to bridge these two soul yearnings by offering instructional online live studio workshops and video lessons that will help people to explore their creative side, eliminate the road blocks that hinder their creative process, learn painting and drawings techniques, and discover the Master Creator in the process.




To become your leading source of support during your creative journey that will enable you to become a better artist and creative individual.

I invite you to join our art community where you can learn and grow creatively, artistically, and spiritually. 

About Us

Our life in rural America 

I have been married to my bride of 36 years, Cathy, and we have three sons, all creatives in their own right, and have 5 amazing grandchildren who are also displaying their creative sides freely.


My wife and I live in a small, rural farm community of Eaton, Ohio with soy beans and corn field just around the corner and a few cows and horses in-between. We love living in the rural country atmosphere where life seems to be rich with great friends, small town rumors, wineries, and honest hardworking farmers, and wonderful church folk.  

Where do you need support?

Overcoming creative blocks

Would you like to learn how to silence the voices that hinder your creativity and inspiration and find practical ways to overcome the creativity blocks that keep you from being the creative person you were meant to be?

Painting Classes

Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush or can only draw stick figures, or are a more experience artist that would like to take your art to the next level. Would you like to learn how to explore your creative side in more depth – both on and off the canvas.



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